Program Administrator - Single Pole Administration

Company Name:
Northeast Utilities
Job Description: Position Summary: Will provide efficient communication, work coordination and cooperation among the Pole Attachers from outside companies ("third party attachers") to place communication facilities on Company owned poles. These include CATV, Telephone, Municipalities, State Agencies and other Communication Companies and Pole Owners. Including coordinating with all attachers, state and local officials and utility companies regarding priority of service restoration in the event of emergency restoration. C oordinates the shifting of equipment on poles and remove double poles in an expedient manner and provides reporting to PURA. Works with Construction Engineering, Project Managers and others as needed to assure survey work and make ready construction is done in a timely fashion. Is responsible for receiving and processing fees for new requests, assuring billing of and receipt of payment for recurring attachment fees and coordination of all communication relating to the Single Pole Administration process to all concerned parties. Additional duties include the reporting, tracking, retrieval and analysis of a number of defined requirements such as: amount of pole attachment applications, number of delinquencies, the delinquency rate and annual costs. Position Requirements: A Bachelor's or Associate's degree in business administration, engineering, accounting or other related degree is required. A minimum of five years' experience is required with the Bachelor's degree, nine years' experience with the Associate's degree. Experience in the area of Energy Delivery including distribution engineering, joint utility work, interaction with telephone and other utilities, or program administration interacting with outside customers/companies involving billing, meeting customer's scheduling requirements and regulatory commitments is preferred. This position is being posted simultaneously internally and externally.

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